The Masseria

Pettolecchia was built in the 15th century as an agricultural structure designated specifically to the production of olive oil.
The Masseria's hundred acres of olive groves produced tonnes of olives which were pressed here on the estate in the adjacent underground olive press. The oil produced, Pettolecchia's 'liquid gold', came to represent the biggest resource of wealth for the owners, the Palmieri ,a noble family, descendents ofa lineage of great feudal landlords from northern europe.
In the Masseria's courtyard, laid out in rays around the master's residence rise the citrus orchards, the bailiff's house, the chapel, the sheep pens, the oil drums, the tanks and the oil press "trappeto".




In one of the most beautiful and sun-drenched regions of the Italian  Mediterranean, in the land of olive groves,castles and Romanesque cathedrals, in the Puglia of  Alberobello's trulli,of Lecce's Baroque churches, of Castel del Monte's eight superb towers, of coasts lapped by the emerald waters of  Salento, stands Pettolecchia, the jewel of the region's fortified masserias.

The masseria is situated half way between Bari and Brindisi, along the coastal road which connects Savelletri to Torre Canne, two pleasant seaside locations in the Fasano area. At less than two kilometres from  Savelletri, with the sea on the left, turn into the little road that leads into the enchanted kingdom that is the countryside of Pettolecchia